Narragansett Looks to Manage Design and Construction of Phase 4

The Narragansett Town Council held a Public Hearing on Monday, August 7 to solicit and review projects for submittal to the State of Rhode Island for inclusion in the 2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), including completion of the William C. O’Neill/South County Bike Path.  Mike DeLuca, Director of Community Development, made a presentation on the town staff’s proposal to modify the current TIP-funded project of the completion of the William C. O’Neill South County Bike Path in which the town will manage design and construction of the remaining portions of the bike path.  The alignment and funding amounts remain the same.  These modifications include:

1. The TIP Funding would be for construction of the bike path from the northeast corner of the playing field at Narragansett Elementary School through Canonchet Farm to Narragansett Beach which is about 1 mile.  This section of the plan is now designated as 4B (see map below) to distinguish it from the Town Council’s recently approved Department of Environmental Management/Green Economy Bond funded section of the Bike Path from Mumford Road behind the berm at Narragansett Elementary School to the Community Center, which is now designated as 4A.

2. The second change in this TIP plan is that the RI Department of Transportation would turn over the planning, design and construction of the final phase of the bike path to the Town of Narragansett.  Design would include route selection through Canonchet Farm, necessary environmental permits and engineering.   The construction would include right of way clearing, site preparation, paving including any special construction methods (such as elevated segments), and appurtenances.  The Town of Narragansett would use the $8.3 million that the RI Department of Transportation has already allocated for this project.  No town funds would be used for this project.

3. The third change is that the Town of Narragansett would accelerate the completion of the final phase of the bike path from the State’s proposed seven-year plan to the Town of Narragansett’s three to four year-plan. The projected start of this plan is 2018.

    The Narragansett Town Council agreed with the staff’s recommendation and voted 5-0 to change the wording and keep the Completion of the William C. O’Neill Bike Path Phase 4B as a High Priority in the FFY 2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

    So, this is exceptionally good news for the supporters of the O’Neill/South County Bike Path as the Narragansett Town Council’s approval of the revised TIP plan is a win, win, win: local control, earlier completion and no diminishment of funding. (Click the map to enlarge to image.)

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