The construction of this phase of the bike path has been on schedule. Undoubtedly winter plays a factor in how long construction can continue. The schedule called for putting down the first of two coats of paving. Due to this extreme cold weather, this will be postponed until next spring. However, gravel will be place over the packed fill, and weather permitting, some of the fencing will be installed. We will keep you posted as the progress continues for a scheduled completion in late spring 2011.


  1. Andy says:

    This will stoke the flames of spring fever for a lot of us who enjoy the bike path so much. Thanks for this great news!
    For me this the key link that gets people safely across Rt. 1 opening up a whole new world for people living on either side (especially for children and seniors).
    Not to be greedy, but is there any news on plans for phase 4 which would – if ever completed – take riders all the way to the beach?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. biker says:

    let’s hope they hold to this “new” schedule

    Andy – with all the budget cuts going down, I doubt this will be funded for phase IV (I hope I’m wrong)

  3. JP says:

    I am from North Kingstown and I think we sould push for the proposed bike path in our community. We have seen how well yours has prospered and i feel it would be a great imporvemnt.

  4. biker says:

    paving today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. biker says:

    oops….they did about 100 yards at the Mumford end and then stopped????

  6. MisplacedSoutherner says:

    Anyone poked down there recently to see what the status is of the extension?

  7. biker says:

    Extension essentially done….paved, signed, striped, grass growing, fences….and lots of happy people!

  8. massbiker says:

    Too bad I did not even know about “Phase 3″…I am from out of town, when I got to 108 there was no sign or indication to go across the street to the extension? So I went down to the rotary and then to the Pier. Oh well, maybe next time!

  9. admin says:

    We’re sorry to hear you missed Phase 3. Unfortunately Phase 3 just officially opened this past Wednesday, and we are still in the process of updating our signage. We hope you make it back soon!

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